Thursday, November 6, 2008


Dear friends,

We all know the status of opportunity in IT is bad.

We facing a question that

How much long does this issue creates problems.

Does it goes long still come to safe condition or before we seach for another ways?



  1. Good topic, Venu. I think this deserves a homework to be done from each of us.

    My Opinion.. Recessions have happened in IT industries before as well. Remember 2001? This time, its worser though.. For IT to be back in boom, I think the Global Markets need to improve.

    So lets hope the crisis soon comes to an end while we keep our fingers crossed !

  2. Jeev

    Does any one can explain on what factors does IT is based.

    This Question raises from that.

    The companies r deleting so many IT experts why.

  3. hloo Venu...

    Cmpanies are rejectng people not nly bcs of the Ecnmc slow dwn, but also aftr evaluating thm indvdly..
    If we are good performers , we can surely hang out thr..

    IT s dpndent on evrthng, tht's it's smjr advtng as wl as it's mjr dsadvntg :)

  4. Dear Girish

    I support u r words. But think that they r deleting experienced and well able persons.

    one example is IBS in side technopark in trivandrum.

    giri :these peoples are selected through campus interviews and somany tests.

    who comes first in the interviews gets the oppertunity.

    You know one thing i am the Project Manager of my company maintaining 3 teams consists of 18 able engineers.


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